1. No junk

Sugary items only lead to a crash and burn later. There are tons of delicious and nutritious snacks that can fool your employees into eating better effortlessly, and they won’t break the budget either.

2. Make them accessible

Snacks should be placed in a communal area where everyone can access them. If you have an intercom system, announce to the employees that there are free snacks available to them or simply email the team telling them where they can get the goods.

3. Choose easy to eat foods

An array of fresh fruits, either cut up or ready-to-peel, plus nuts, trail mix, and other easy to grab-and-go snacks are all good ideas. The idea is to make these foods as convenient to eat while working as their old standbys of donuts and muffins.

4. Makeover your meetings

Whether you host breakfast or lunch meetings, start making healthy changes there too. Every office seems to order that giant tray of muffins, donuts, bagels, and croissants during breakfast meetings. A better option is to set up a yogurt bar with toppings, or whole-grain options like wheat toast. For lunch, choose a make-your-own-salad or wrap bar with healthy grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, and dressings. Having options when making things healthier for the workplace will make everyone want to get on board because it allows them to customize their creations.

When you start at the top to bring healthier eating habits to the workplace, it trickles down to everyone. After time, employees all begin eating better. As they do, they work better because they feel better and more energized to handle the work. And as an added bonus, they will be even happier to come to work because they’ll look forward to free food. So dish it out, because they will take it!